dolci – sweeTs 

Mousse al Cioccolato $12

Glazed chocolate mousse, passion fruit, Piedmont hazelnuts

Tosca's Tiramisu $12

Mascarpone cream, espresso lady fingers, dark chocolate

Baba al Rhum $11

Yeast cake soaked in rum and citrus syrup, yellow peaches, pastry cream, Italian merengues

Bavarese al Fichi $12

Fig and vanilla bavarian, amaretti cookie crust, red wine poached figs, caramelized walnuts

Strudel $12

Idared apples, butternut squash, pine nuts, caramel gelato

Gelati e Sorbetti $10

Selection of house made ice creams and sorbets with cookies and mixed berries

Formaggi 3 cheeses for $14 - 5 / $20

A selection of Italian cheese, served with seasonal marmalade and toasted rustic bread