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Inspired by Northern Italy, Tosca offers modernized Northern Italian cuisine in a serenely beautiful setting.

Accented with natural wood and featuring dramatic glass wine displays, Tosca’s sleek environment consists of neutral monochromatic tones, interplaying with luxurious, rich fabric; and highlights an attention to detail that segues into a perfect dining experience.

Tosca sources only the freshest ingredients:  local produce, fresh house made pastas and farm-raised local proteins.   An imaginative talent, Chef Massimo Fabbri produces refined yet soulful dishes rooted in Italian tradition. Tosca’s seasonal menu consists of a variety of signature dishes, modern interpretations and creative desserts.

Tosca’s award winning wine list features American and Italian wines that complement the cuisine.


What more can we add…

“potato gnocchi, sauced with goat cheese, are light as clouds and staged as if by Jackson Pollock, with splashes of beet juice on the canvas.”

Tom Sietsema, The Washington Post (April 2015)

“Chef brings inspiration from his homeland to Tosca including ravioli stuffed with the braised short ribs his grandmother taught him to make. You won’t find “red sauce Italian” on the menu because Northern Italian cooking focuses more on the finer things in life -- butter and cheese.”

Laura Hayes, Thrillist DC (July 2015)

“Tosca might be the most moving-and shaking restaurant in town…”

– Washington Post Magazine (Spring Dining Guide)

“[Tosca] remains virtually unchallenged as the premier destination for Northern Italian refinement”

– Washingtonian Magazine (100 Best Restaurants)

“It wasn't named after the opera, but given all the soaring notes on the menu, Tosca could have been…  The room, whose design incorporates the colors of stone and champagne, is cool and elegant, and the servers in their formal jackets go about their duties with flair.

– Washington Post Magazine (Annual Dining Guide)

"Tosca is my ready response to many dining queries, where to go for a formal business lunch? A fancy dinner before a show? A special occasion? This northern Italian Restaurant comes to the rescue with a spare but stylish interior and equally inviting food." 

– Washington Post Magazine (Annual Dining Guide)


This “high-end”, recently refurbished Penn Quarter Italian “continues to power along” with “bigwig lobbyists, politicians” and the “expense-account crowd” dining on its “outstanding” pastas and “excellent” fish while “rubbing elbows” with the regulars at its “great” bar; “gracious, old-school” servers enhance the “refined” mood that’s perfect for “client entertaining” or a “fancy date night.”

Ranked #7 in the Top 25 Restaurants in Washington DC

- Zagat – Washington DC (March 2015)






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Massimo Fabbri – Executive Chef

Executive Chef Massimo Fabbri grew up in Monsummano Terme, 30 miles Northwest of Florence, Italy. As a boy, he aspired to become a chef; so much so that at age 14 he enrolled in hotel school at the Alberghiera F. Martini (famously located in the nearby town of Montecatini Terme). Within a year, Massimo landed his first job in a high-end kitchen, working at the 4-star Parma & Oriente hotel.

After graduation, Massimo moved to London, accepting a position at the Tuscan restaurant L’Ombrello. There, he discovered his passion for sharing his culture and cuisine with people from around the world.

In 2001, Massimo fulfilled another dream when he moved to America. Upon his arrival, he immediately joined Tosca’s current managing partner, Paolo Sacco, at Terrazza, then located in Friendship Heights. When Sacco opened Tosca late that year, Massimo joined him, and spent a year working alongside Chef Cesare Lanfranconi. Under Lanfranconi’s direction, Massimo gained a keen appreciation for simple, yet elegant, dishes crafted from locally grown products.

While his time at Tosca afforded Massimo new perspectives on food, he decided to return to his native Italy in 2002. For almost two years, he delighted patrons in several upscale hotels in Montecatini Terme and villas in Florence with his Tuscan specialties. Fortunately for Tosca, Massimo returned to Washington in 2004. Enthused by his time in Italy, he re-dedicated himself to Tosca’s kitchen and clientele, enhancing Tosca’s reputation as one of the most prestigious restaurants in our nation’s capital. As Executive Chef, Massimo enjoys opening his kitchen to customers, and takes exceptional pride presenting his unique, multi-course meals to those lucky few who reserve the restaurant’s kitchen table.

Catherine Flaherty – Pastry Chef

Catherine's love of cooking and baking began in childhood.  Family meal preparation became a regular responsibility around the time she entered middle school, a duty she happily embraced: "By the time I left for college I had a pretty impressive collection of cookbooks for a teenager, and I loved to experiment, especially with the desserts." 

While she continued to follow her academic pursuits, Catherine never left the kitchen. Her eyes were opened to pastry as an art form while living and studying abroad. Seeing the pastry shops of Europe - particularly Paris - was a revelation: "Where I grew up in the midwest we had simple bakeries filled with homestyle cookies, cakes and doughnuts; cafes would sometimes sell pastries, but only as accessories to coffee - they weren't meant to be memorable."  She had never seen anything like the pastry shops of Paris: rows and rows of glossy, colorful, inventive works of art that looked absolutely delectable. 

"Those patisserie windows might as well have been jewelry cases as far as I was concerned - just dazzling. I knew that was what I wanted to do." She went on to do her culinary training in pastry at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. She took her first Pastry Chef position at Jackie's Restaurant of Silver Spring in 2006, and went on to make desserts at DC's Central Michel Richard and Le Diplomate before becoming the Pastry Chef at Tosca in September, 2014.